Manual Support Work Details Needed – refund flow

Full or partial Manual Support Work Details Needed refunds are made by using Initiate Refund button from Payments tab.

The Initiate Refund button is displayed only for transactions with Success status.


A pop-up window with the transaction details will be displayed. The Refund Merchant Transaction ID is automatically generated. You can change this ID by introducing your ID value.

In order that Manual Support Work Details Needed refunds to be processed correctly you will have to fill in the below details for customer and for customer bank account:

  • Bank Name
  • Thailand Bank Account Number (10 digits)
  • Bank Branch

For more information about the refund types that require additional parameters, please see our section Refund types from Refunds API.

If you want to perform a full refund you will have to fill Refund Amount with the same Amount as Payment Amount.

In the case you want to perform a partial refund you have to fill the Refund Amount with a smaller amount than the Payment Amount. You can perform more than one refund for a transaction with the limitation that the sum of partial refunds to be smaller or equal than the initial paid amount.


If the refund request has been successfully sent, a confirmation message appears.

The refund will be processed in a few moments.

If the refund is still processing and you choose to make another refund for the same successful transaction the following message appears:


You can see the complete list of all of your refunds in the Refunds tab.