Settlement Cycles

In order to view and access the Invoicing tab you need to have assigned to your dashboard user account the proper access rights (Invoicing-view).

Smart2Pay is managing a complex schedule of settlements, and depending on the payment methods you are using, you can be settled in various cycles with various cutoffs.

By accessing the Invoicing tab->Settlement Cycles view, you can see important information on the invoicing/settlement cycles, invoice date, cutoffs and if any invoices are expected to be delayed. You have the possibility to search for specific cycle using different criteria.


Search filters

When you access the Invoicing tab->Settlement Cycles view, the Search Filters section is expanded. In order to collapse it just click the arrow on the right of the screen.


You can search invoices by using the following filters:

  • Invoice Type: Settlement Invoice – contains the fees and the payments; Settlement Report: contains only the payments; and Invoice: contains only the fees;
  • Invoice Cut Off: the time period for which the transactions will be invoiced;
  • Settlement Currency: the currency in which the settlement was made;
  • Site: the merchant identification name in our financial system according to his SiteID previously configured;
  • Method: the name of the payment method used and assigned for a specific settlement cycle;
  • Next Invoice Date: the date when the next invoice is to be generated;
  • On Hold: if set to no, invoices will be automatically generated and process by the system, if set to yes, it will be manually processed by our financial team when certain conditions are met.