Refunds List

If you want to see and verify your refund transactions go to Refunds tab. Here you will find a complete list of all of your refund transactions. You have the possibility to search for a specific refund using different criteria, to see the details of the refund invoice and fee, and to export your refunds into an Excel file.


Search filters for refunds

When you enter the Refunds tab, the Search Filters section is expanded. In order to collapse it just click the arrow on the right of the screen.

You can search refunds by ID (the refund ID in GlobalPay system), Merchant Transaction ID (the transaction ID in your system), Interval (from – to), Initial Payment ID (the payment ID in GlobalPay system for which the refund was initiated), Method Name, Amount, Currency, Status, Refund Type, and Alias.


Refund Details

After you have found the refund you’ve been looking for, using the search filters, just click on it to see the specific details of that refund.

A new window will open containing the general details for that Payment ID and also providing details about specific sections, like: General information, Reporting, Initial Payment details and Invoicing.


Export refund transactions

The list of refund payments can be exported (filtered or not) to an .xls file. The file contains the following information: ID, MerchantTransactionID, InputDateTime, InitialPaymentID, Amount, Currency, Status, StatusID, Method and MethodID.