Refund Notification

We will notify you when a refund changes its status to the Notification URL you setup in the Merchant Dashboard.

You need to respond with HTTP code 204 (No Content)!

Refund notification format:

Authorization: Basic MzAyMDE6aEo1Um9iWXg5cjdGZk53Q3ZIWTlMWEhxcXIrRkV6cmM3YUp2UVFrNEdhejFtZzdSeXk=

  "Refund": {
    "ID": 16405,
    "Created": "20170803095139",
    "MerchantTransactionID": "s2ptest_g28",
    "OriginatorTransactionID": null,
    "InitialPaymentID": 3005389,
    "Amount": 100,
    "Currency": "EUR",
    "Description": "",
    "TypeID": 5,
    "SiteID": 30201,
    "Details": null,
    "Customer": null,
    "BillingAddress": null,
    "BankAddress": null,
    "Articles": null,
    "Status": {
      "ID": 2,
      "Info": "Success",
      "Reasons": null


204 No Content