GlobalPay Status Codes

List of transaction status IDs
Status ID Name Description Final Status Applicable for
1 Open The transaction is initiated in our system. No Payments / Refunds / Payouts
2 Success The transaction is successful. Yes Payments / Refunds / Payouts
3 Cancelled The payment was cancelled. The payments that can be cancelled are the payments with “Authorized” status or the payments that are cancelled by the customer on the form. Yes Payments
4 Failed The transaction has failed. Yes Payments / Refunds / Payouts
5 Expired The time period the customer had for completing the payment has expired. Yes Payments
9 Authorized The payment was successfully authorized. In the initial request the Capture parameter is sent to false so the responsibility of the capturing the payment is on the merchants side.
The goods can be delivered.
No Payments
13 CaptureRequested The payment was successfully authorized and the capture request was also sent to the provider.
The goods can be delivered.
No Payments
14 Exception The transaction needs manual review from Smart2Pay. No Payments
15 CancelRequested The cancel request has been sent. No Payments
16 Reversed The authorization has been reversed (the money were credited back to the customer account). Yes Payments
19 Disputed The payment is disputed by the customer. No Payments
26 Chargedback The cardholder has won the dispute and has received the money back. Yes Payments
35 PartiallyCaptured The payment is partially captured. Yes Payments