Get the List of Shops from Mirakl Marketplace

Mirakl Marketplace Platform exposes an API which Smart2Pay can call to pull the list of newly created shops, using an action based on GET HTTP request. The response will contain a shop list in JSON format that returns all the shops that were created or updated after last_updated_date

Only a limited amount of details for each shop will be provided.

Definition: GET /api/shops?shop_ids=…&premium=…&state=…&updated_since=…&paginate=…

  • shop_ids – List of shop ids separated with comma. Limited to 100 values;
  • premium – Boolean : “ALL” (default), “FALSE” or “TRUE”. If TRUE (FALSE) returns only offers of premium (not premium) shop;
  • state – State of the shop;
  • updated_since – Filter all the shop that have been modified since the value of this parameter;
  • paginate – [optional] Control the pagination usage. Default : true.

Request Model:

GET /api/shops/{last_updated_date}
Authorization: Basic Pre-shared-APIKEY

Not all fields are mandatory in the above request! If Mirakl Marketplace does not provide all the necessary data, the shop representative will fill the missing fields in Smart2Pay platform. Another method of providing missing or incomplete data is by adding it in the additional fields and document fields in your Mirakl back office, if the initial configuration allows you to.

Once Smart2Pay identifies a newly created shop, it creates an account in Smart2Pay KYC platform for the shop representative and sends an email asking to finalize the application (e.g. fill missing info, upload documents, sign the online contract).