Payout Notification

We will notify you about the new status of the payout to the Notification URL you setup in the Merchant Dashboard. The format of the received notification has the same structure as the response of the initial request.

You need to respond with HTTP code 204 (No Content)!

Payout notification format:

Authorization: Basic MzAyMDE6aEo1Um9iWXg5cjdGZk53Q3ZIWTlMWEhxcXIrRkV6cmM3YUp2UVFrNEdhejFtZzdSeXk=

  "Payout": {
    "ID": 376,
    "Created": "20190507131247",
    "MerchantTransactionID": "s2ptest_j1",
    "Amount": "1000",
    "Currency": "EUR",
    "Description": "",
    "SiteID": 30201,
    "Details": null,
    "Customer": null,
    "BillingAddress": null,
    "Status": {
      "ID": 2,
      "Info": "Success",
      "Reasons": null


204 No Content