BKM Express Test Data

For BKM Express payment method test data is available on demand. Please contact our support department at support@smart2pay.com for more information.

BKM Express Payment Flow

  1. The customer enters his phone number and his email address.

    1 Enter customer details

  2. The customer receives a 6-digit verification code at the phone number that he previously added. He needs to enter the 6-digit code and click the Confirm button.

    1 SMS Verification

  3. The Customer logs in to his BKM Express account with his email address and password.

    1 Account login

  4. The customer verifies the payment information and the user details and completes the transaction by clicking on the Perform Payment button.

    1 Perform payment

  5. Upon completion of the payment flow, the customer is redirected to your ReturnUrl.

    1 Return page when the redirection status is a success