PayTM Test Data

For PayTM payment method there aren’t any test data available, but you can see how it works with the payment flow given below.

PayTM – Test Payment Flow

  1. The customer enters his Email Address, Name, Permanent account number (PAN) and his address including Street, Street Number and City. Please note that for India the CustomerSocialSecurityNumber parameter consists of PAN. For more information about the PAN please click here.

    1 Enter customer details

  2. The customer logs in to his account by entering his Customer ID and password. For test purposes, enter any Customer ID and password.

    1 Enter account details

  3. The Customer checks the payment resume and proceeds with the payment by clicking on the Confirm button. For test purposes, please choose and click Paid status from the ones provided on the page.

    1 Payment confirmation

  4. The customer receives a message that the payment has been completed correctly.

    1 Payment confirmation

  5. Upon completion of the payment flow the customer is redirected back to your ReturnURL.

    1 Return page when the redirection status is a success