eNETS Debit Test Data

For eNETS Debit payment method there aren’t any test data available, but you can see how it works with the payment flow given below.

eNETS Debit Payment Flow

  1. The Customer selects the preferred currency from the list and enters his email address.

    1 Enter email

  2. The customer needs to enter the correct payment details and he continues the payment by using the Submit button.

    1 Change details

  3. The customer chooses his preferred bank from the list.

    1 Select bank

  4. The customer logs in to his bank account by entering his User ID and PIN.

    1 Login details

  5. The customer receives a notification with the final status of the payment.

    1 Payment confirmation

  6. A printable receipt will appear in a separate browser window.

    1 Transaction receipt

  7. All the payment details will also appear in a new window of the browser.

    1 Payment details